Kristen Wiig Officially Cast as Cheetah in WONDER WOMAN 2

Last week we learned that Kristen Wiig was in talks to join Wonder Woman 2 as the main villain Cheetah. A lot of fans were not happy with the casting choice, but regardless of what the fans thought, Wiig was cast in the role anyway. Wonder Woman 2 director Patty Jenkins confirmed the news on Twitter, saying:

As I said before, I like Wiig, she's a talented and funny actress. But I just don't see her in the role. It's hard to imagine her as this character and take it seriously because when I do imagine her as Cheetah, it comes off as some kind of comedic parody of the character from an SNL skit. 

I hope that I'm wrong and I hope that this casting works and doesn't come off as being silly. Maybe it will work. If the casting does work... awesome! But it doesn't, the fans are going to tear it apart. You can check out an artist's imagining of Wiig in the role here.

It was previously reported that the version of the character they will use in Wonder Woman 2 will be Barbara Ann Minerva, "a British anthropologist who becomes the avatar of the cheetah god after locating the lost city of Urzkartagan and stumbling into the middle of an ancient ritual. The third of four characters to carry the mantle of Cheetah, Minerva first appeared in 1987 in Len Wein’s post-Crisis Wonder Woman, Vol. 2, #7 and, after a brief hiatus, reclaimed the title in 2011 when DC launched the New 52."

The story is set in the 80s during the Cold War, and is said to follow Diana Prince as she reunites with Steve Trevor somehow to take on the Soviet Union.

What do you think of Wiig's casting in the movie?

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