Tom Holland Says AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR is Going To Be "The Biggest Movie of All Time"

We know that Marvel is planning something big for the final two Avengers films. It's going to bring an end to the 22-movie arc that all began with Iron Man back in 2008. Who would have thought at the time that the Marvel films would have grown into this massive franchise of great films?

There are a lot of big epic stories that have been told in the MCU, but it seems nothing can prepare us for what's coming in Avengers: Infinity War. Spider-Man actor Tom Holland hasn't read the script for the film because Marvel's afraid he'll spoil everything, but he knows enough about it to tease the epic-ness of it and get fans pumped for what's to come. In an interview with Toronto Sun, the actor said:

"It needs no teasing. That movie literally needs no teasing. It’s going to be the biggest movie of all time. Believe me, no one is ready for that movie. I don’t know anything about it or what it’s about. I know who the villain is, but that’s it. They don’t let me read anything because I’m so bad at keeping secrets."

They obviously let him read his lines of the scenes that he's in and the lines of the actors that he's working with. But, can you imagine what he'd be saying about the movie if he did know any of the major plot points? The guy has already revealed that Marvel is planning a Spider-Man trilogy and that the Marvel One-Shot short films will be making a comeback.

The kid loves to talk! These next two Avengers films are going to be big changes to the MCU and Kevin Feige has already said it's going to be a very different and new thing when it's all said and done. There are a lot of fan theories regarding how everything will change, but it's going to be interesting to see what Marvel actually ends up doing. 

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