Warner Bros. May Be Looking at Casting Kristen Stewart As BATGIRL


As Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment continue to develop their Batgirl film, some new information has surfaced where we learn that they may be looking at Kristen Stewart to take on the role of Barbara Gordon. Or, at least they are looking to cast someone like her in the role.

The news comes from Twitter's Daniel R - who has solid track record with DC-related movie scoops. He says that the studio is looking for a "Kristen Stewart prototype" to play Barbara Gordon, and believes that they may be interested in landing the actress herself for the part.

With no confirmation, we will treat this as a rumor, but if they are looking to cast Kristen Stewart in the lead role, do you think she would be able to pull it off? I'm personally not a big fan of Stewart, so I'd be a little bummed if she was cast. I still like the idea of Jane Levy in the role. Hailee Steinfeld would be great as well. 

Christiana Hodson (Bumblebee, Birds of Prey) is currently writing the script for the film. We don't know what the story for the film will entail, but it's been rumored that it would be based on "The Million Dollar Debut of Batgirl" story arc. 

Who would you want to see cast in the role of Batgirl in the film?

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