Marvel Is Reportedly Planning a Rocket and Groot TV Series For Disney+

As you know, Marvel and Disney are developing several new Marvel series for Disney+. Loki is the first one that has been officially confirmed, and we’ve also heard that there are series being developed with Scarlett Witch and Vision, Nick Fury, and Winter Soldier and Falcon.

Now today, That Hashtag Show is reporting a rumor that Marvel Studios is planning a series based on Rocket and Groot, which is seriously the best idea yet! Rocket and Groot are both incredibly fun characters and I would absolutely love to see a series that focuses on their adventures!

Apparently, Kevin Feige has been pitched the concept, but there are no other details given. I’m sure that Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel could be involved with the project if they want to be. But, if things don’t work out with them, it wouldn’t be hard to find other voice actors to play the characters.

Rocket and Groot have a long history, and there are several stories from Marvel Comics to pull from for the series. I hope this is something that actually happens! There’s no doubt that Marvel fans would love to see a long form story that focuses on these two awesome characters.

Are there any Rocket and Groot stories that you’d like to see brought to life?

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