Matt Reeves Says He Has His Story Worked Out For THE BATMAN

The Batman director Matt Reeves has offered an update on his development of the film. In the past, he talked about all the comic book research he was doing for the film and he said that he wanted to focus on the detective aspect of the character. We also know that the filmmaker was looking to plan a trilogy, but he said that he has to start with one first. Now it seems he has locked in the story he wants to tell and he is currently in the process of outlining it.

While a guest on Jeff Goldsmith's podcast The Q&A, Reeves said, "I am outlining, I have the story worked out and I am outlining."

This isn't a huge update, but it offers a little insight on where the project currently stands. It also gives us an opportunity to talk about the things that we would like to see in the movie.

I'm excited that we are finally going to get to see the noir-style detective side of The Dark Knight at work in the movies. I'd like to see Batman involved with some hardcore Se7en-style detective story. Some of my favorite Comic book story arcs include Batman Unseen, The Long Halloween, Dark Victory, The Black Mirror, and Broken City

I'm sure Reeves will take inspiration from a lot of comic books to create his own story. I honestly don't think that Reeves is going to do a straight adaptation of any one comic. 

It's going to be interesting to see how this film all comes together. We still don't know for sure if Ben Affleck will be back or if he'll be replaced. There have even been conflicting reports regarding the film's place in the cinematic universe. It's most recently been rumored that it will not be a prequel or a reboot.

I have so many questions about this movie, but one day all of those questions will be answered. All we can do right now is speculate and discuss what we'd want to see.

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