Director Matt Reeves Offers a Brief But Optimistic Update on THE BATMAN

Matt Reeves has been deep into the development of The Batman for Warner Bros. and after a fan recently asked how it was coming along, the director offered a brief but enthusiastic response.

The last we heard from Reeves, he said, "I am outlining, I have the story worked out and I am outlining." It was then revealed later that the studio was looking to start shooting the film in 2019, which means we won't see the next Batman movie in theaters until 2020 or 2021.

As we've previously reported, he's looking to do a dark noir-style film that will focus on the detective side of the Dark Knight, which I'm excited about seeing! If all goes well, Reeves has an idea for a story arc that would span over the course of a trilogy of films.

I'd like to see Batman involved with some hardcore Se7en-style detective story. Some great comic book story arcs that could inspire the film include Batman Unseen, The Long Halloween, Dark Victory, The Black Mirror, and Broken City

I wouldn't be surprised if Reeves took elements from a lot of Batman comics to create his own story. It's definitely going to be interesting to see how this film all comes together. We still don't know for sure if Ben Affleck will be back or if he'll be replaced. One actor that the director previously suggested is Jake Gyllenhaal. There have even been conflicting reports regarding the film's place in the cinematic universe. It's also been rumored that it will not be a prequel or a reboot.

What are you all hoping to see from Matt Reeves' The Batman? One thing is for sure, Reeves is a great director and storyteller and I think he's going to end up giving the fans an incredible movie.

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